Keyboarding Links

BBC Online Typing, levels 1-4:


Fearless Frieda - typing and spelling game - fun!


Fearless Frieda Skateboarding - typing & spelling:


Typing with Katie - Kindergarten:


Typing with Burton - Level 1:


Typing with Booker - Level 2:


Typing with Carmen - Level 3:


Typing with Dwayne - Level 4:


Typing with Yasmin - Level 5


Soccer demo - hard - words, symbols, numbers:


Barracuda - whole words:


This is an interesting one -- it's in Japanese and English - kids like the intro to it:


Star Wars Fighter Typing - letters, kind of hard, moves fast:


Bubbles - falling letters, timed, scored:


Letter Speed Race - letters only, timed and scored:


Keyboarding Quiz:


Touch Typing Program:


Bubbles Typing Game:


Peter's Online Typing Course:


Power Typing Online:


Good Typing Online Typing Course: